Many symptoms that occur after COVID infections are similar to infections we have known about for many years (for example influenza/flu, pneumonia).

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Some people have problems during or after the initial infection that prolong their recovery, for example clots on the lung, strokes or heart attacks. 

Those who were most unwell (for example, requiring intensive care or machines to support their breathing) may also take longer to recover, and this is to be expected. However, there are also people who have ongoing symptoms after COVID even though they weren’t admitted to hospital.

Whilst the evidence shows us that most people will have recovered by 12 weeks after their initial infection, there are some people who have on-going symptoms that can last for many months. These symptoms vary from person to person and can be distressing, especially if an individual does not receive support to manage any ongoing symptoms.

If you are concerned about any of your symptoms and it has been four weeks or more since you became unwell with COVID, contact your GP and ask them about “long COVID”– they should offer you an initial consultation, provide access to any further assessments or care they determine that you need, and signpost you to sources of further support.


Published: Sep 1, 2021